IoT Protocol Stack

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Before we going to IoT protocol stack let’s know what is protocol.

Protocol is set of rules for communication between two or more different devices.

Now let me come to protocol stack, the set of protocol layers that performs the networking operations in certain hierarchy is meant as protocol stack.

IoT Protocol Stack

The IoT protocol stack can be visualized as an extension of the TCP/IP layered protocol model and is comprised of the following layers: physical layer, link layer, network layer, transport layer and application layer protocol.

Physical Layer

The physical layer standards must accommodate inter-device (i.e., device to device) communication interfaces and well as the necessary interfaces with the upper layer (the link layer) It’s a major feature of IP that it can be run over MANY different physical layers (Ethernet, Wireless, dialup, fiber, etc…)

Link layer

Link layer is responsible for creating logical layer between two nodes and also manages the Frame traffic control between the network layer and the physical layer.

Network layer

Its function is to take the data from the transport layer in the form of messages and convert them into packets and transfers to the Data Link layer.

Transport layer

Transport layer is divide the data into segments. It also ensures that data must be received in the same sequence in which it was sent. This iot protocol stack is responsible for the management of error correction, providing quality and reliability to the end user. Also, this layer enables the host to send and receive error corrected data, packets or messages over a network and is the network component that allows multiplexing.

Some of the transport layer protocols used: TCP and UDP, for example TCP provide end-to-end reliable communication but not UDP.

Application Layer

Here is the list the application layer protocols of iot protocol stack, Telnet, FTP, TFTP, SMTP, SNMP, DNS, and DHCP.

Each of these processes are rules, these will happens one after another only. This kind of stacking of process by using the protocols is a iot protocol stack.

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